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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Escaping Reality Television

In sociology, there's a concept called, "Looking Glass Theory" and funny enough my father taught me the same concept but he had, almost like a little slogan for it. He would say, "perception is 99% reality". This idea has to be a major one for raising children...oh the pleasures of life I will never enjoy.

Long story short, by putting less than life yet "reality" on television on the idiot box, my quality of entertainment dwindles, women think reverse sexism is feminism, breast implants are no longer surgery, the Amish are now allowed to swear and have mafias, God is good-Jesus is better, but Dr. Oz knows best, and the educational channels like History and Discovery should really be renamed to something that implies the misuse of money and time to explore fictional ghost sightings with shot-ty camera work and a bad filter.

Channels I would recommend: AMC, Netlix, and downloads.

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