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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"When We Met": Introduction to the Series

Because I'm a creep...I go out to the movies by myself. I am one of those youngsters who sits in Denny's at three in the morning sipping stale coffee for no reason other than to exist. I make it a habit to talk to those in teaching/athourity positions because it makes me feel secure. I like taking the bus every once in a while just to see the way other people live. And oh! Do I make up stories!

"Man on the Ceiling", read it if you ever get the chance. Everything that I tell you, everything that I say in "When We Met" is true. Everything. But truth isn't always real in the way that its a "fact".

These are the stories of the people I meet in a grocery. These people I make interaction with once or maybe its the first time you and I ever spoke. These stories are those of the perfect strangers, the humankind I fall in love with or those who left me to soon. These are those who I may or may not have exchanged numbers or names with.

Whatever the circumstance of When We Met, remember...its all true.

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