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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Me and I

Me and I

Think therefore I am. How often I am not.
Small talk questions existence
Of Me’s neurotic mind
They took Me away
Away from me
And no longer am I Me.
They are nothing, yet
Encage Me
Then He comes and leaves.

My cell: bars translucent
Clearly visible from within.
Retrace steps that got I
Where Me and
We are.

Pray to god
“Bestow Me the key”
he does not,
he cannot. Parce que Je.

Adrenalin dispersing, pumping,
Condemned I finds:
We fear in ourselves.
Ability forms vengeance,
Self made public exploitation.
Self exploitation.
Beds sheets made of flames
Me is held tightly confined
For what I created for our self.

No more nocturnal emissions.

Pure lust dances upon
My lips taste like blood
My mouth runs with iron
When sadistic hands graze, me is less than I
And I desperately years.

Nibbling, stomach rises
Over whelming pleasure’s bite,
Racing fingers
Leave scratch wounds.

Excitement jolts play,
Fear turns the stomach
Making lust, act of adultery
All the more complete

From my skin teeth retract
Handcuffs back into the drawer
He walks out,
Grins the future,
Cage locked.

Me and I share
 A guilty smile,
Me dies,
Of the shame.

‘True Love’ checks on Me
As he usually does to I
He confesses;
Already forgiven.

We take cover.
Whispering lies,
Sweet lies.

He swears never
Me speaks condolence, “I’ll forget”
I responds in protest, “Fuck you”.

Sickly closer than before
We are to Him.

Next time friendly lust
Comes to play
I will take more pleasure
And Me will cry
But with less

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