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Monday, June 4, 2012

Without Admitting It

Truly, it looks wonderful. Let me start from the top.

My gal and I decide we want to get something sentimental and all that Jazz, so we think something Irish. Nothing. Then maybe a saying; something thats just between the two of us...nothing. Finally we start shooting into straight air...hit.

We go. She had road rage. She throws a partially eaten donut out of my side of the window at a truck. We sing  about being sexy and walking into clubs (the catchy-ness of today's media) and finally its time.

I lay on my stomach. I manage to relax my body after jumping a few times by clenching my teeth. But then it feels good in a way and slowly like creeping hours I begin to feel at ease with the world and although I am totally aware of this feeling, this penetration...its still hard to breath sometimes and I don't wish to speak...

Everything is so present. It hurts good and I am so very proud.

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