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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

When We Met: Snowflake #1 The Stressed Smoker


I am sitting in my neighbors garage late at night, talking to my new friend who is going to soon propose to the woman he has lived with for six years.

A car drives up.
You're tall. A young man with a hard living soul.

And I want to give you a kiss, tell you its going to be okay. Finish your cancer stick and take a seat. Tell me all about it.

You give a hand shake to my new friend and are going to be leaving as quickly as you arrived. You're just picking someone up to take them home.

You've given me a handshake as well. But you're breathing doesn't slow down. I finally tell you to breath.

"I'm not usually like this"
"I know, so don't forget to breath"

He's stops what he's doing and does as I said.


A minute goes by. He gives me a hug. A real one.

"Don't forget"
"Thanks, I won't. I'll be around here, you live next door...I'll see you."

Keep taking drags, try to make some of them of air.

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