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Thursday, June 7, 2012

"Lowered Expectations"

Through my many years of wisdom (you can start eating up my sarcastic regergitation any time) my thoughts on how to run your relationships has formed two ways: Expectations and Standards.

We already know that by putting your emotions in someone elses hands leaves your happiness in someone else's care.

Sarah, "What was that line?...You have no power over me"
Exactly Sarah.

And expectation in any relationship usually is something you are holding the other person accountable for. A standard is a something you want for yourself and when someone does not meet that standard you can simply accept the fact that they are not willing or are capable of what you want and or need.

No longer are you accountable for someone else. This way you are only resonsible for your happiness.

Don't lower your expectations, it will not turn out as comedic as MAD TV.

WARNING: Being in control of ones own happiness can also lead to disappointment if the standard is not set properly for ones own means, motivations, and drive. See doctor for easy fix or your local kitchen knife drawer.

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