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Monday, June 4, 2012

Doing What Feels Good

Suppression. Oppression. Repression.

Have you hung out with a two year old lately? If you tickle them, they laugh. Kiss them, they smile. Take something from them, they cry. And you will know, you WILL know if they are dissatisfied with life.

But we are taught that we are to control our temper. We are told to be quiet. To settle down. As a girl, I am told how to dress. When I was younger, I was taught my body needed to be covered up because...because why? A good number of girls show "too much skin" because they want to be noticed. They use what has become taboo as a way of validation. I think that maybe if people were validated in nakedness, they wouldn't use it as a crutch to self fulfillment.

Most people don't seem to know that everybody, I repeat: everybody is naked under their clothes. I love being naked! Why is that wrong? I don't like undergarments unless thats the only things I'm wearing or I actually Need the support. Why should one feel comfortable being naked in the shower, but not walking around in their house when no one else is around?

And food! My god man! People are stressing over a number of carbs then restricting themselves for the sake of healthy? Doubtful. When I am hungry, I eat. If I feel the craving to have ice cream I have a bowl of ice cream. When I eat to much my stomach gets upset. Simple solution: I eat smaller portions that make me feel good. I'm not a huge fan of meat, but when I feel a certain way, I know my body is lacking something. Rarely does this happen but sometimes I get a craving for meat and I don't feel well. When that happens, I eat some chicken. Its so simple.

Last but certainly not the least interesting example of why I am doing what feels good: sex.

Through out the past few months of going through the resolution of a long term relationship that was old school monogamous, I have been listening more to the world around me. I have been hearing the voices of multiple reasons and have come up with my own outlook which I have concluded after trying to expand my horizons.

If a person finds themselves comfortable and content/happy in a relationship with another singular person, great. If another person finds happiness with multiple people, great. If you like straight missionary sex, good for you. If you happen to be gay and like reverse cow-something, anal vibrating, cooch slapping, hair pulling, mile high-whatever...great!

At this point in my life, I think marriage can be a beautiful thing. I think having a steady significant other is great. I think going out and finding people that you can connect with is fantastic. And I think if you meet someone and you feel comfortable exploring your relationship further in whatever way, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, or whatever way that may be...that's pretty alright too.

Enjoy being a human. Love your body. Express your desires. Don't wait for other people to validate you, accept who you are, what you are, and "just fuck it, do it".

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